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What is Cards?

Cards for Pebble is a watch app for your Pebble watch that displays a set of user-customizable information cards. Add cards that contain the information you care about, such as headlines from your favourite RSS feed, your next Google calendar appointment, local weather, stocks, a world clock, and even a simple note. Customize your cards from within the Pebble App on your smartphone. Cards for Pebble is available for iOS and Android.

Card Types

Calendar Card


See your upcoming Google Calendar events.
RSS Card


Read the latest headline from any RSS feed.
Stock Card


Get the latest stock price and change from Yahoo!
World Clock Card

World Clock

Show the time of any time zone with a location label.
Weather Card


Check the current weather conditions from Yahoo!
Sunrise Sunset Card

Sunrise Sunset

Check sunrise and sunset times from Yahoo!
Note Card


Remind yourself about an arbitrary piece of information.
Battery Card


Check the battery charge of your Pebble watch.
Sports Team Card

Sports Team

Get scores and game times from NBC Sports.
Transit Card


See departure times for the stops you use from NextBus.
Custom Card


Display custom content from your own JSON source. More info




Up/Down Buttons - Cycle through all the cards.

Middle Button (click) - Refresh the current card.

Middle Button (hold) - See more details.


Cards can be configured within the official Pebble mobile app. Scroll to the Cards for Pebble app (once it's installed on you Pebble) and tap the "Settings" button under the screenshot.

Day/Night/Auto Display - Day mode sets the watch display to black-on-white and Night mode sets it to white-on-black. Auto switches between Day and Night modes at 6:00 and 18:00.

Vibrate on Hour - Vibrate the watch on the hour (Only works while Cards is running).

Vibrate on Disconnect - Vibrate when the Bluetooth connection between the watch and phone is lost.

(12-/24-hour time can be changed through the main Pebble settings).

Common Issues

Why does the screen show "Loading"?

Cards for Pebble displays "Loading" while it is retrieving information from the Internet through your smartphone. Some cards, like the weather card, also require geolocation data which may take a while to access. If this is the case, try switching to another card that does not require geolocation (e.g. the Stock card) and manually set a location for cards that require geolocation.

Card Information

Most cards will automatically refresh on the hour, except for:

Transit - every 1 minute

World Clock - every 1 minute

Battery - every 5 minutes

Custom - defaults to every 60 minutes - can be overriden by developers

Calendar Card

Why are my events not showing?

Cards is able to access calendar events from Google Calendar only; make sure you are logged in to Google through the button at the bottom of the Settings Screen. Also, Cards will only show the most events from today and tomorrow; events that start after tomorrow will not be displayed.

Why can't Cards access events on my phone's calendar instead?

Cards is built to support both iOS and Android. That means it cannot rely on any platform-specific technologies, such as accessing data from native phone apps (e.g. Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Reminders, Phone, Messages, etc.).

Weather Card

What do I enter in the Location field?

The Weather card gets data from Yahoo, and the Location field is search query for the location. Cards will use the first location returned in the search. To see what queries will result in the right location, visit to test a few queries. In most cases, exclude punctuation marks, such as commas (e.g. "London ON", "Chelmsford UK").

Stock Card

How do I show the Dow Jones Index?

From this Stack Overflow answer, use "INDU" as the symbol.

Transit Card

What transit agencies are supported?

The Transit card uses live GPS data from NextBus. The list of supported agencies can be found in this XML document. Note that not all transit agencies have enabled the ability to access data from the NextBus API.

Custom Card API

The custom card displays content from a JSON response from any URL.


You can pass in query parameters in the URL to customize the response. Cards (v2.1 and later) can optionally do a POST request with location data. When configured (through Cards settings), the following fields will be included in the POST request:



altitude (can be null)


altitudeAccuracy (can be null)

heading (can be null)

speed (can be null)

For more information about these fields, see


The default url ( responds with:

  "content" : "Hello John,\nWelcome to Cards for Pebble!",
  "refresh_frequency" : 30,   // Optional
  "vibrate" : 1               // Optional

content - The content to display (required).

refresh_frequency - The auto-refresh interval in minutes (defaults to 60 minutes if 0 or not specified).

vibrate - Used to vibrate the Pebble on refresh. Can be one of the following values:

0 - Don't vibrate.

1 - Short vibration.

2 - Double vibration.

3 - Long vibration.

All other fields are ignored.

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